Residental Architects in chandigarh

Complete design solutions for your residence. Our Services include –

• Area calculations as per governing Byelaws.
• Site Survey to inspect Soil strength, water table/ water logging conditions.
• Understanding the requirements based on the Clients’ brief.
• Conceptual Design based on Lifestyle requirements of the Client and the orientation of the plot to ensure most climatically.


Hospitals have evolved from rudimentary treatment centres into technology intensive holistic healthcare dispensers that involve highly scientific, diagnostic, therapeutic and recuperative divisions. A successful hospital design is a science that encompasses specialization, patient centricity, and hi-tech infrastructure and hospitality issues. It is a singularenvironment that requires a high degree of precision.

Commercial & Mixed use

Residental Architects in chandigarh

Coordinates works with various developers and real estate investors to create contemporary, stylish and eco conscious Gated communities. You can approach us for any of the following services –

• Layout / Master Planning with Area calculations as per governing Byelaws.
• Ensuring maximum utilization of the site with sophisticated layout and maximum saleable area possible.

Institutional Desigen


Creating places that inspire and contribute to society is an endeavor very close to us. We are dedicated to creating built environments which nurture positive relationships between people and synergy with nature. By using minimum resources to create spaces, we strive to strike a balance between the economics and the beauty of the built form.

High End Interiors

Residental Architects in chandigarh

Coordinates has a highly creative design team which enjoys the opportunity to create outstanding, ‘WOW’ yet highly functional spaces.

We use innovative design to complement your business strategy to create better brand recall and happier clients for your business.

Project Management and Outsource Services


We also offer Project Management services for our clients. Services include –
• Contract Settlement
• Management service
• Billing & Certification
• Cost Tracking and Coordination related to cost management